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Marine Wildlife Sculptor, John Wilchynski, was raised in Gulfport, Florida. Since preschool, John has had the pleasure of growing up by the ocean. He swung from palm trees, landed on the soft sand, and would have calamari for lunch while staring out at the Gulf of Mexico. One day, as John walked home from school, he heard the loud splashing of a very large manta ray jumping out of the waters of Boca Cegia Bay. After witnessing such a beautiful sight, John fell even more in love with the ocean. As he got older, he would dive into the waters, finding fascinating creatures that would lead him to discovering his talent in sculpting. 

Since then, John has explored oceans all over the world and has even swam with whale sharks in Mexico. Wanting to share what he sees beneath the waters with others, he creates sculptures of the most uniquely beautiful sea creatures. With his art work, ocean lovers can take home the wildlife that lurks below the surface, without hurting or disturbing them or their home. Keeping their safety at heart, on each of these sculptures, his customers will find a trident at its base, symbolizing his love and appreciation for the ocean and its inhabitants. 

Now a 52 year old man who has beaten cancer three times, John continues his greatest passion of protecting and preserving ocean life. He finds his inspiration to carry on from not only the many creatures he has sculpted, but also from his good friend and one of the famous Florida Highwaymen, Curtis Arnett. Utilizing this inspiration and focusing his time on sculpting ocean wildlife, John has plans to began creating pieces for fine art shows throughout Florida. It is his goal to become a well known artist, and use his success to start conservation work that benefits ocean wildlife. Following artists, conservationist and biologists such as Guy Harvey and Wyland, John hopes to also make a positive difference in this world. Along side his sculptures, he owns other different businesses and lives a grateful and purpose driven life. 

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